Appreciation of the value of Core Process

Ever felt like you were surrounded by a limiting glass box? Ever wondered what differentiates good experiences from bad? Ever thought, "I wish I could just tap into the good stuff?" Well, having spent a couple of hours with Nick last week discovering my "Core Process" I feel completely liberated and ready to tackle anything. The process is fantastic, but it is Nick's skill in uncovering the truth and creating both awareness and enlightenment that made the whole experience life-changing. If you get the chance, let Nick help you discover your Core Process.

Thanks a million Nick, deeply appreciated

Simesco Limited, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK

Simon Phillips


Chief Operating Officer - Utility Company

Working with Nick has been an eye-opener: not only is Nick capable of helping to identify key inner 'blockers' through his wide range of tools, but he is able to do so in a non-aggressive, open and insightful way.

As COO of a large and complex business, I welcome my time with Nick, as his guidance is practical and has enable me to implement my newly acquired "insights" almost immediately. Nick offers you a choice of methods, from which you can select the one that fits you best personally to solve your particular issues.

It's been a real breakthrough to work with Nick.

Miriam Maes

Chief Operating Officer, EDF Energy

Director, HR and Operations -Government Department

Nick's approach of holding the mirror so you can reflect on your challenges with firm but gentle prompting from a lifetime's experience of engineering and delivering change has meant that we have worked well together for 10 years. I regard him as a friend and father confessor. I am always energised and uplifted by our sessions. His unique approach as coach, guide and consultant suits me well.

Peter A

Director, Regulatory Body

For senior managers in any organisation the opportunities for a really unbiased and supportive discussion about management issues are very few. The even more senior managers to whom we work are short of time and expect their direct reports to be relatively undemanding of their time and tend to interpret open ended discussions as either a lack of ideas or a lack of decision making ability or both. Similarly it is often not appropriate to use staff at the same level or more junior for discussions that may involve, for example, how to deal with difficult colleagues. So one is left to problem solve and deal with these things without help.

What Nick Heap does is provide a neutral but helpful listening ear to enable you to talk openly about the key problems on your agenda. He encourages you not only to delineate the problem in full but also to express your feelings about the situation. Once that process is underway Nick encourages you to move into a more constructive thinking mode about the issue.

Once at that point he can help you get to the heart of the problem as you see it and then move on to solutions. He can also offer you help in achieving the solution. This might be practical help in terms of running workshops or helping with training events or it might be training you in some techniques to use yourself or simply getting you to elaborate on the analysis to the extent that you can act to deal with the issue.

The impact on the organisation of his contribution is simply better more analytic decision making and planning that is more likely to address the problems identified and rather less stressed out middle managers as well.

European Employee Development Director

I am the European Human Resources Director for a Global manufacturing company with sales of $3.5 billion sales. My responsibilities cover around 6,000 employees in 28 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Team and People Development and Talent Management are two of my key challenges. Nick has helped me to develop and deliver a number of programmes that has significantly improved my effectiveness in these areas. The programmes include a People Development Workshop, Team Build Workshop and a Cultural Awareness Workshop. He has also helped me to develop a number of "top team" programmes that has assisted me to improve the performance of senior management and facilitated multicultural teams to work more productively together.

I have worked with Nick for over 6 years and I have found him to be particularly strong when working on a one to one basis. He helps people focus on the issues and draw out the solutions. He has a variety of techniques to help managers to think about problems and take ownership of the solution.

I am very happy to recommend Nick to any prospective client.

Graham Horlock

Sealed Air, St Neots

Independent change consultant

Nick is one of the most generous and highly professional consultants I have known. With a deep sense of integrity, Nick has a unique way of working, which is both supporting and challenging and which never fails to result in valuable insights.

Catherine J

Managing Director - Engineering Company

I found our recent meetings extremely useful. They gave me the opportunity to review a number of business issues independently. Making the time to do so outside of the normal business environment enabled clearer and more concise resolutions to emerge.

Mike H

Small business owner

Nick helped me identify my Core Process two weeks ago and it immediately had a dramatic influence in my life. I immediatley felt confident and content with who I was and what I was about and people commented on how relaxed I was and how much I exuded "good karma". I've also been on holiday for a week and come back to find my work and opportunity pipeline (which was previously dry) has filled up but with stuff I really want to do. By approaching this pipeline with my Core Process, I feel confident I will not only tackle these projects well but enjoy them in the process. Indeed, where possible, I will be encouraging my clients to contact Nick and get their's done too.


Tom Evans

Managing Director, Shere Solutions

Speaker, Trainer and Coach-course member

Nick's gentle style belies a depth of knowledge and experience. When I first met Nick, he took a group of strangers in chilly room, and soon had us feeling safe enough to take significant positive risks. Since then, I have found Nick to be generous with both insight and materials - he's an excellent resource.

Resli Costabell

Senior Manager - Regulatory body

Nick provides a relaxed environment that enables the best ideas and solutions to be formulated. His style keeps individuals involved and he encorages structured thinking and debate to enable solutions to be found. I enjoy working with Nick and recommend him for facilitating both individual and group development sessions.

Paul J