About Nick Heap

About Nick Heap

You may want to know a little about me to help you decide how to respond to this site and my offerings.

I have dreamed of a peaceful and happy world for a very long time. My parents encouraged me to think for myself, which initially led me to science. I became a research chemist with ICI, a large chemical company based in Britain.

ICI was very committed to development. They ran some T-groups (sensitivity training) for scientists. I went on one, and it was a life-changing experience. I learned that most of the problems in the industry and the wider world could be solved if we listened to each other. This showed me how to help my dream come true.

I decided to change my career to help people listen to each other. This took four years, and then I got a job, with ICI, as an internal organisation development consultant. I had six fascinating years with a free hand to do “Whatever I could get away with that was likely to be helpful”.

I helped them improve cooperation and customer service, helped people manage time, listened to managers and helped them solve practical problems. I was a facilitator, not an expert, and this worked well.


Meanwhile, I was a counsellor to married couples, which was a fascinating and challenging privilege. I got to know people from all walks of life at remarkable depth and was often able to help them grow and change.

After a short time as a career counsellor, I became an independent consultant. This was forty years ago. During this time, I have worked with many organisations in the private and public sectors of all sizes and many sectors and with individuals.

I am a facilitator of development and change. This is with individuals, teams, between teams, large groups and organisations. I like to support and challenge people, so they grow. Challenge without support makes people defensive. Support without challenge leaves people stuck.

Twenty years ago, I published all my articles, designs and resources on the web for anyone to use. I believe passionately that we must learn to listen to each other and help each other to be fully human. So I want to spread these ideas and methods. I try to practice what I preach.

I am married with two children and two grandchildren and live in Hatfield outside London, England. I love walking, adventure holidays, reading a lot, and making Meccano models.