Long term evaluation of Core Process

Summary of Results of Interviews about Core Process work


“Core Process” is a quick and simple way help people find their purpose and unique talent. I interviewed 30 people who had experienced it at least five years ago.

The purpose was to discover the benefits of the work both to the individuals and potentially to individuals and organisations. I also wanted to consult them about the best way to spread it, if it proved valuable.

Results (a summary of what interviewees reported)


Almost everybody remembered their session vividly. They enjoyed the experience and valued the results. One or two were dissatisfied because what they discovered was not quite right. Everyone remembered the two words (rarely three) that they had found.

Short term impact

Most people said it had given them insight into what made them tick. Also, core process gave or confirmed a direction to take in career or life. This would fit or support who they really were.

Longer term impact

It gave clarity confidence and focus, people used words like “Compass” or “Anchor”. It helps people find what that is right for them and grow in that direction. It has salience because it is intensely personal. It helps people understand themselves deeply.

Benefits to Individuals

Much better career choices. Knowing where to focus your energy. Confidence and a sense of direction and purpose. People doing what they are good at and enjoy. Knowing what we are good at and what others are good at leading to greater mutual understanding and trust. Excitement and energy. Happier people.

Benefits to Organisations

Enhanced trust and team work as people know understand each other deeply as unique individuals. People would play to their unique strengths and each other’s. There would be a much better match of people to jobs leading to greater happiness at work and greater productivity. People would be doing the work they love.

Comments that resonated with me

A really useful add-on for coaches

An important piece of paper. I keep it in my diary

Centres me

Deeply helpful to reflect on what God created us to be

Fantastic, more impact than anything else we have done

Helpful for youngsters and kids at University

Helps build a personal brand

Helps me focus and avoid distraction

Helps you define yourself as a person

If more people knew theirs it would lead to a nicer society

It becomes the air you breathe

It enables vulnerability and a heart to heart connection

It gave me a sense of relief and calm

It will help bring out the best in a team and an organisation

It would build trust at work

It would lead to a healthier society and greatly help the NHS

It’s the tagline for my business

Of all the (developmental) things I have done, it was the most useful

People will be looking forward to going to work

People will build stronger bonds (at work)

Provides a positive universal language for authentic communication

Something different – spiritual

Square pegs in square holes

The experience was beautiful

Trust building tool


Finally, this is a quick summary of much information. I would appreciate any comments you may have. Where do we go from here? There are so many paths possible.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick