New Stuff

  • Coconsulting – a basic structure

    Basic guidance for people starting to use coconsulting (a peer process for mutual helping).

  • Core Process for Business

    This article shows how you might use core process at a business level to improve engagement, develop a purpose and establish your brand.

  • Eye-Opening Conversations

    Words create worlds. We can have better lives and make a better world by having different conversations.

  • Feelings at work

    People's feelings can stop them doing effective work. Sharing feelings effectively can transform blocked situations quickly and dramatically.

  • How to do Core Process

    Step by step instructions about how to do a core process. Core Process is two words that express a person's unique purpose and talent.

  • Idea Ping Pong – a simple way to get ideas to flow

    You simply take turns producing ideas. You encourage and model building on ideas, not criticising them. The article has a worked example on improving a meeting.

  • Long term evaluation of Core Process

    Follow up interviews show the benefits of core process to individuals. People also give their thoughts on potential benefits to individuals and organisations.

  • Strategic Relationship Building

    A simple way to build trust and cooperation between people from very different organisations who have to work together.

  • Support Group Format

    A simple way to run a group where everyone get's heard and develops their thinking and confidence.

  • Teams in the real world

    This links to a model which illustrates the internal and external relationships of a team.