Business Services

This lists the services I offer in alphabetical order. All the work is tailored to the specific requirements of the client and organisation. I don’t run standard packages.

Career crisis counselling service

Individual and/or small group work to help people express their feelings about the crisis, decide what they want to do and work powerfully and effectively to achieve it.

Improving systems service

Helping the people who operate and use systems to improve them. This usually involves making systems much simpler. People work hard to carry out their improvements.

Individual consultancy service

Individual consultancy to empower people to think more clearly and act more powerfully in any area they choose.

Influencing Skills Training Service

This improves people’s ability and willingness to influence others in a work setting and so help organisational and personal change. The skills are vital for effective and successful management.

Organisation development service

Working with managers to design and carry out activities, (workshops, surveys, training) to improve organisational effectiveness, profitability and culture.

Process development service

I will develop a new approach when the client’s needs require one. Examples are work on transferring experience from one person to another and accelerating learning. I have recently been working with a client to improve intercultural understanding at sites in Europe, including Eastern Europe and Russia.

Profiling service

Profiling identifies what the best performers in a group of job holders do and how they think. The profile aids development, training and recruitment decisions.

Team building service

These help the people in a team, work together effectively. They create a joint vision and identify and tackle critical business issues.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick