Do we need a “Love School”?

Do we need a “Love School”? How would we teach it?

When I look around the world, I see people and organisations, like banks, driven by and addicted to greed. I also see countries spending vast resources on “defence”, driven partly by fear and partly by greed. The profits of defence industries are enormous. People often stay in jobs they hate, in organisations that do no objective good. We do this partly out of fear of spreading their wings and partly out of greed for the “goods” the jobs provide.

We know that happiness and fulfilment and satisfaction come from love, not greed or fear.

I love helping people be the best they can, I love inspiring hope and joy in people and organisations and encouraging people. I love learning how to do this better and better. Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a verb. It’s something you DO. I’ve helped dozens of people discover what they love to do and encouraged people to go and do it. Love is whatever you do that leads to growth in the wholeness, integrity, health, confidence, and fulfilment of the beloved. (Which can be an individual, a team, an organisation, a garden, or a planet).

We could, and maybe we must have a world that we work together in love to heal and savour.

I have spent much of my life learning how to love. It’s the “secret” ingredient that underlies all my practice. Of course, I’ve got much more to learn. I think we urgently need a “Love School” because we just need more love, which will chase away greed and fear.

Now I come to my questions.

Do you think we need more love in the world? Why?

“What is the curriculum of a “Love School” and how do we teach it?” (Of course, I am asking this myself).

Answers on an e-postcard, please!


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