Systematic Approach to getting things done

This approach was developed by Coverdale Training. They derived it by observing what successful groups of people did when they were engaged in tasks. It is very simple but not always easy.

This will help your working groups succeed. You work through the stages below in the order they appear.

The systematic approach.





Clarify by discussion the purpose and objective of the task. Ask what will we have if our task is successful. It might be a plan.

It usually helps to agree what you are trying to do and whybefore starting work.


Collect or generate information that will help to achieve the aims. Information can be facts or ideas, experiences and feelings.

You will be more effective if the information relates to the task in hand.

What has to be done

Decide, in the light of the information you have what you need to do to achieve your aim.

This will move the process towards action.


Decide who will do what and when to achieve your aims. Make the actions clear and concrete.

Without a plan action does not happen.


Put the plan into effect.

So something happens “in the world” to achieve your aim.


Look at how your plans have worked in practice. If all is well, then celebrate. If more needs to be done, revisit the systematic approach. Always take time to learn what you have done that has worked and think about how to improve it for next time.

This is how to improve the task outcome and your effectiveness in working together.

You will be unlikely to get beyond the plan stage at a meeting. Action will happen afterwards. Reviewing is always helpful.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick