Secretaries or PA’s and Managers Workshop


This uses the model in Team of Two

0930LeeWelcome, what we are about from an organisational point of view, this is a pilot course, please forget office and phones, introduce Nick.


0935NickIntroduces himself and agrees the learning contract (listening, support, feedback, honesty and caring, confidentiality) for the workshop.


0940NickPairs five minutes each, something going well and your hopes and concerns about this workshop. Share hopes and concerns in the whole group. Respond to any concerns


1000NickExplain the structure of the event. Key idea is to build your “teams of two” by listening and learning from each other. This is a facilitated event. We hope to create a positive atmosphere where we can all learn.


1005Nick/LeeIn two groups (one of managers and one of secretaries)


1) go round the group (10 min in total) describing what is already going well in your “team of two”


2) Individually list “Things you could do to help your boss or secretary” and “Things your boss or secretary could do to help you”. Make them doable and word your requests positively! Take 15 minutes for this.


3) Share the key ideas from this in your group and amend your own lists if you wish. You may get a good idea from your colleagues. Take 10 minutes for this.


1040NickExplain the next session, pair working with support from another pair, and give the reason for this style of working (support and attention will help you listen well).


Listening is about paying attention and looking as though you are paying attention, feelings are important so help your partner express any sh(e) has, be both honest and caring, listen to how things are being said.


Brief input on the responses you can make to the information you receive yes, no, negotiate. Discuss these ideas with the group.




1115Nick/LeeForm pairs of pairs. Take 20 minutes for the members of each team of two to exchange their lists, respond to the requests and discuss how they can help each other make progress. While one pair works the other pair observes and pays attention. Then exchange roles for another 20 minutes.


1200LeeIn the whole group each pair shares their conclusions and learning from the session.


1215LeeIn your team of two decide on and give your feedback to the group. You may wish to include:-


The most significant thing you learned?

What you enjoyed about the course?

What you thought of the process?

What we could do differently next time?

How you see the process adding value to the business?

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick