Organisation Development

What is organisation development?

Organisation development is a planned process of change. This leads to a more creative response of an organisation to its environment.

Progress is faster when an independent outsider enables trust and sharing so people are more open and direct.

One example from my experience






A client manager has a need


The manager noted that customer service on a complex product was consistently poor and needed improving


Valid data is collected from those who know what is going on


Key managers in the nine departments involved were interviewed in confidence


The data is fed back and discussed openly


All the managers met to listen to each other, look at the whole picture and work out what it means



The group decides the action they will be take to make improvements


The group decided to stop blaming each other for poor customer service and to work together to improve it.


The group makes the improvements and evaluates the results


They set up monitoring procedures and involved their staff in creating improvements. All now took responsibility and actively helped each other.


Organisation Development is an educational approach. Each successful experience with it increases the capacity of the organisation to resolve other issues in the future. It also develops individuals.

You can use it to solve management problems such as high turnover, low motivation, change programmes that are not working, cost reduction, reducing unnecessary work, productivity improvement and relocation. When used skilfully it will lead to increased commitment of staff and managers.

Quote from a member of the group

One year after the start of the work, customer service has radically improved. Also, relationships between the Departments have improved permanently. I have learned a lot and greatly enjoyed working with you. It was fun too.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick