New Interests

Cultural Differences as Organisational Strengths
People from different cultures have different ways of approaching work. This differences can cause problems but can also be a major source of strength. A client and I have designed and tested a workshop to increase mutual cultural understanding and awareness. It has been well received.

In a city like London, people from many different cultures and countries work together. They and we can all learn from each other. This will increase organisational effectiveness and it will also to awareness of the richness of our world cultural heritage.

Health and safety at work.
One key to this might be to help people value their own health and safety more. I want to test if asking people to explore what is precious to them now and their dreams for their future would help them do this. This would be in addition to more conventional creative problem solving around improving things practically at work.

Improving work-life balance.
We work longer hours in Britain than in most of Europe but we are less productive too. I am working with an organisation to help people get their work and life in balance. The work is encouraging people to be kinder to themselves and their families and to be more effective at work too. The open systems model is proving to be a powerful awareness raising tool.

Peer learning.
I have a long held belief that people at work can help each other more and by doing so the whole organisation can develop. One way is coconsulting or cocounselling where people take turns listening to each other. This can work in pairs or a group . Although the methods are proven and work well, very few organisations are investigating this seriously. This is odd as the benefits are greater than top down approaches and the investment of time and money required much less.

Team working with pairs of people .
Much of the work of an organisation and almost all of the communication takes place between pairs of people. There is much scope for synergy. I have developed a simple model and a workshop that works to nurture teams of two. I am using these to develop the secretary or PA and manager team through coaching and workshops but the implications and opportunities go far wider.

Work laundry. How to do more of the work we love that makes a difference and get rid of the rubbish.
“Work laundry” is a way of thinking and a set of processes and activities that can help people in organisations concentrate on those activities that are most rewarding, life affirming, creative and contribute to the long-term well being of the firm and the wider society. Part of this is about getting rid of dross and avoiding making low value work for each other.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick