Loving Politicians

This is a radical thought! Politicians are people so, however it may appear, just like us they are always doing the best they can. It may not be the best possible, but given their history and circumstances it is the best they can at the time. So blaming and criticising is no help. In any case, you can’t manage the past only learn from it.

Politicians may enjoy exercising power, but so do we all. They do decide to manage on our behalf anything that may happen. This is an awesome responsibility. All of them would earn much more in a less demanding and frustrating role.

I would like to see us supporting and loving politicians more. Challenging their ideas and the way they do things is fine. If we elect them to help us, we should help them. One way might be to catch them doing something right and send an appreciative note. Another might be to offer some time or a listening ear.

I recently went to my MP’s surgery to offer my support and some ideas on how Appreciative Inquiry might help government. I was very well received!

What do you think you could do?

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick