Developmental books – nonfiction

My favourite non-fiction developmental books

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Title Author Subject
The Art of Empowerment Ron Johnson and David Redmond Empowering employees.
Caring Enough to Confront David Augsberger Managing conflict with love
Change the world for a fiver: we are what we do Various Practical and enjoyable things anyone can do to make the world a better place
Creative Problem Solving David O’Dell Tools for solving problems
Fifth Discipline Field Book Peter Senge et al Practical strategies and tools for building a learning organisation
Flawless Consulting Peter Block Consulting skills
Freedom to Learn Carl Rogers A learner centred approach to education
A Guide to the Perplexed E F Schumacher Philosophy and spirituality
Honest Business Michael Phillips and Salli Rasberry Superior strategy for your own business
The Human Situation Harvey Jackins The causes and cures for human irrationality
The Spirited Business Georgeanne Lamont Success stories of souls friendly companies
I’m OK You’re OK Thomas Harris Interactions between people
Learning to Fly. Practical lessons from one of the world’s leading knowledge companies. Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell Knowledge management
Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela Liberation from oppression
A Many Splendoured Thing Han Suyin Human love between races
Maverick! Enrico Semler A radically different way to manage an organisation
Nuts! Kevin and Jackie Freiberg Shows the business benefits of caring for and developing people
On Personal Power Carl Rogers The power of being person centred
The Phenomenon of Man Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Evolution and consciousness
Relate Guide to Better Relationships Sarah Litvinoff  Intimate relationships
The Sane Society Erich Fromm Society
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Steven Covey Personal effectiveness
Skills with People Elisabeth Sydney et al Skills with people at work
Small is Beautiful E F Schumacher Economics for people
Time to Think (and More Time to Think) Nancy Kline Helping people in organisations think well together
A Way to Die Rosemary and Victor Zorza Death and dying



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