Business Highlights

Highlights of my Experience

An Airline. Teaching young managers counselling skills through them counselling each other.

A chemical company. Helping managers of nine departments improve customer service on a major product. They started working together instead of blaming each other.

A city firm of solicitors. Helping the Personnel Director develop himself and his team.

A city firm of solicitors. Helping the learning and development director develop himself and his team. Designing and facilitating a conference session using Appreciative Enquiry to inspire team working, learning and customer service.

A computer company. Developing Systems Engineers as Agents of Change in their customers.

A computer company. Profiling their best salespeople to discover what they did that made their performance special.

A computer company. Helping a team of internal career counsellors develop their counselling skills and themselves using cocounselling.

A conglomerate. Counselling some Directors to help them think more clearly and act more powerfully in their own, and their Company’s, interest.

An engineering consultancy. Helping the IT department get closer to its customers.

An engineering consultancy. Helping a newly appointed senior project manager confidently and skilfully handle a role that was less hands on and more managerial than his previous one. 

A food company. Empowering shop floor workers redundant following a factory closure to set up their own small businesses.

A government agency. Developing Civil Servant Managers’ ability and willingness to sell their Centre’s services commercially.

A government department. Facilitating a major office move by giving those involved knowledge and skill about managing change. This included work with couples and some individual work.

A government department. Team building with teams of Civil Servants. This resulted in financial savings, improvements in efficiency and morale and more open communication.

A life insurance company. Being an external mentor to three layers of hierarchy in a life office.

A local authority. Facilitating an office reorganisation by involving the staff. This removes a major bottleneck and improved morale and efficiency.

A local authority. Top team building with the Chief Executive and his Direct Reports.

A manufacturing company. Developmental consultancy to a Personnel Manager and some wider work in the organisation. She then confronted difficult issues and senior staff in a positive and effective way.

A manufacturing company. Helping a senior manager restart and re-energise a multimillion dollar European IT project where everyone was stuck and frustrated.

A manufacturing company. Working with the European HR Director to design development events about people development, cultural awareness and team building that he later delivered to groups and teams across Europe, including eastern Europe and Russia.

A new start up following a merger. Team building and individual development in this merged and Pan -European organisation.

A partnership of Building Surveyors. Survey work and top team development over several years.

A pharmaceutical company. Developing co-operation and mutual understanding between managers and secretaries.

A primary care trust. Leading a workshop to help them develop a strategy and then get constructive feedback from a larger group of stakeholders.

A retailer. Counselling individual managers and executives where their skills, attitudes, or behaviour, was holding back their progress.

A retailer. Researching the way managers develop and initiating improvements. A person’s first experience of being an employee is crucial.

A shoe manufacturer and retailer. Influencing skills and team development for young managers.

A special health authority. Team building, individual development, facilitating systems and process improvements. Building cooperation between groups in different departments. This was a major piece of work over five years.

A university. Helping a manager who was intimidating his staff change his behaviour profoundly.

A utility. Building eighteen teams of managers and others across the company. They identified business problems, solved them and people worked better together.

A utility. Helping a director and her team prevent a damaging strike by helping her team share and develop their best thinking.

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