Best Practice in Facilitating Groups

The methods described in this example also worked well with problem solving, coaching, counselling skills, marketing and creativity. It should work with any group who are willing to give to and learn from each other.

Workshop principles

The aim of the workshop is to help us develop some core skills co-operatively. I hope we will share our experience and resources so there will be a balance of giving and receiving.

Please bring at least one “Facilitating” method or strategy with you. Please also bring written material that we can distribute to the participants. Finally, please bring one or more things you want to discuss in a group. We will then have some real cases to test the methods on!

Outline design

  1. Welcome people to the workshop. Explain the objectives about working co-operatively to develop some core skills. Encourage participants to listen, to take turns, to give feedback and to enjoy learning. Outline the form of the workshop.
  2. Go around the group. Ask people to say their names and one issue they would like to work on one “Facilitating” method they have available.
  3. Each person has a turn to facilitate the group as we work together on an issue. We also pay attention to what the facilitator does and its impact.
  4. At the end of each turn we all review what the facilitator did that helped the group and how to improve this.
  5. Repeat the above until everyone has had a turn as facilitator.
  6. Bring the whole group together to identify what, if anything, works that is method independent.
  7. Review participants learning from the workshop. What will you do as a result? Review the process of the workshop. What changes would make the next one better?

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick