Role of the District Manager

Short workshop on developing the role of a district manager.

Thank you for making me so welcome yesterday and for the briefing. I have thought about your requirements and give an outline design below. Is this about right or does it need some modifications? We should respond to events on the day anyway. There is not much time available.

Outline design (All times approximate except start and end times)

1415 Welcome by HR Director, why you set up the workshop, why you think this is important work, what you will do with the information. Hand over the steering of the day to Nick.

1420 Nick describes his role, “credentials” and the structure of the day. Describe the atmosphere required for learning. This includes safety, support, confidentiality, openness to share ideas, thoughts and feelings, avoid personal criticism, feedback to is welcome. We don’t have much time so will need to use it well. I may have to balance your contributions. I hope we all enjoy the afternoon!

1430 Circle (Introductions). Ask everyone “What is one thing you enjoy about working at or with the company? What would be the most valuable thing you could gain from today? What is one thing you will you contribute to make today go well. List the” wants” check we can meet them within the structure.

1440 Each person speaks to the group for five minutes, while the rest of us pay respectful attention, on their situation now. What is good, and satisfying, about being a District Manager? What is difficult?

1510 The whole group works together to identify the themes that have emerged in the discussion. A theme could be that you value the security provided by a caring employer. Another could be that you feel stifled.

1525 Break

1540 Build your vision.. How would we like things to be, in say two years time? What would be going on then if you felt really good about being a District Manager (or The Head of HR?) Focus the ideas to a memorable phrase.

1620 List what you or others must do to move your situation from how it is now to how you would like it to be. Pick the top five or six priority issues.

1705 Work on one of those issues in a group. Plan to share your understanding of the issue and choose one thing you will do in practice.

1730 Review work in the group. Review the day What have you learned, what will you do, what do you want to happen next.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick