Core Process Testimonials

Here are a small sample of testimonials from people who have done their core process with me.

Your “Core Process” is two words that express your unique talent and your personal purpose.

“Nick’s unique talents lie in his ability to create a wonderfully calm and safe space where he listens and gently encourages whilst allowing the recipient to think and express themselves fully.  His lifetime’s work and experiences have created in him a perceptive, insightful and caring mentor.  I would recommend that anyone who is able, offers themselves the gift of experiencing the Core Process.  I thoroughly enjoyed the gentle, non-invasive unfolding of discovering mine.  With grateful thanks,

Lynne Edwards”

“I asked Nick for a Core Process session. What I like about Nick is that he is an excellent listener, asks provocative questions and has a warm yet no nonsense approach. If you want a pragmatic yet a warm confidant, then Nick is your man. Naturally, we arrived at my Core Process.”

Rod Sloane

“I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with Nick several times as the Core Process work has developed, each time finding great value. I recently revisited the work/play we did with Core Process 2.0 a couple of years ago – and it’s fascinating how the effects have permeated my life. I recommend Nick wholeheartedly for his understanding, dedication and integrity.”

Christine Miller

“Nick Heap is an insightful and collaborative colleague. I took his Core Process Training which I have found to be powerful and incredibly useful in my executive coaching practice. Nick is also a very generous colleague, always willing to listen and give advice. I am so grateful I know him.”

Esther Ewing

“Nick is a very talented coach with many years of experience and superb skills with people. He has a gentle yet challenging style that can get people to open up and explore things they might not otherwise have looked at. Nick has developed the Core Process technique for helping people discover why they are here on the planet! I was trained by Nick in 2010 and feel very blessed to have learned his wonderful technique. I would heartily recommend Nick to anyone looking for a sensitive and intelligent coach, mentor or just someone to talk to.”

Mindy Gibbons-Klein

“It was a great privilege to have met Nick. His approach to coaching is second to none. Nick took me through the “Core Process”. This was an invaluable experience, still fresh in my mind and still having an impact in my life! I highly recommend Nick for anyone needing a fresh approach to doing business or simply conducting his private life!”

Andre Bottin

“Don’t be fooled by Nick’s genial manner – he has great tenacity and in his own quiet way will get you to drill down until the nuggets are uncovered. He asks the difficult questions and then helps tease out the answers. He is perceptive, patient and really knows what he is doing. I had an extraordinary session and there came a point where I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and the more I think about it the better it gets. So here’s to creating enjoyment Take a half day out of your diary and uncover your core process – it will be worth it.”

Phillip Williams

“I had a wonderful session with Nick divining my core process. He created a wonderful space to nurture and encourage awareness to distill the fundamentals of my personal journey. Time with Nick is to be highly recommended. Two years later I am still using the Crossing Frontiers to determine both my personal and business choices.”

Anne K Scott

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