Changing the Conversation about Corona Virus

Try asking each other, or your clients, these questions. They may sow some hope in these challenging times.

You have been through challenging times before, tell your story about one where you came through it triumphantly.

What helped you do so? What skills and strengths and inner resources did you draw on? What did other people do that helped?

Imagine it’s two years’ time and we have come through the crisis well, how did that happen? What did you do to help it happen? How do you feel knowing you made a difference? What did other people do to help?

How has the world/your community/your happiness changed for the better as a result?

What is one small thing you will do now to help us come through the crisis well?

What is one small thing you will do now, to help to create that better world etc?

Note The theory behind this approach, Appreciative Inquiry, is about harnessing positive energy for change. This is not a time to dwell on the most difficult times you/we have ever faced. Doing this might make you feel worse, not better.

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