You can incorporate these exercises into your training and development events. Think carefully about when to use them and why.

  • Appreciations Exercise

    This is a positive and energising way to end a workshop. It gives everybody a lift and something to treasure.

  • Cultural Awareness Exercise

    This simple exercise helps people understand and value their own and others’ cultures. They also appreciate that they can learn from each other.

  • Happiness Exercise

    This is so simple and really does make you happier.

  • Idea Ping Pong – A Simple Way To Get Ideas To Flow

    You simply take turns producing ideas. You encourage and model building on ideas, not criticising them. The article has a worked example of improving a meeting.

  • Lifeline

    Use this to help someone think about his/her life and the peak experiences that give it meaning. The exercise can be very useful to build a group or team when people want to build trust and mutual understanding.

  • Strength Building Exercise

    This simple exercise can have a profound positive effect on people’s confidence in themselves and each other. Joy Knudson describes how she used it to help young mothers grow in self-esteem and mutual trust.

  • Team Building Using Lego

    This is an enjoyable, practical exercise with learning about using resources, listening, assumptions, learning from experience and creative thinking.


If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick