Core Process

“Core process” is a quick and simple way to discover your personal purpose and unique talent.

  • Core Process – Appreciating Who You Are

    You tell your story to an interested listener and think about your peak experiences using a simple tool. As a result, you learn about your unique talent and what you are on the planet to do. The experience is profound.

  • Core Process Explorers On LinkedIn

    There is a LinkedIn group “Core Process Explorers” for people who are interested in knowing more about Core Process. Just visit “Core Process Explorers on LinkedIn” on my site and click the LinkedIn URL.

  • Core Process For Business

    This article shows how you might use core process at a business level to improve engagement, develop a purpose and establish your brand.

  • Core Process Testimonials

    Here are some testimonials people have left after they discovered their core process working with me.

  • Discover Your Purpose: Appreciative Coaching For Transcendence

    This shows a quick and powerful way to help people connect with their positive core. It also gives a spiritual perspective.

  • Early Work

    An article by Chris Bull and Janet Mills about pioneering work using open systems, core process and counselling in ICI

  • How To Do Core Process

    Step by step instructions about how to do a core process. Core Process is two words that express a person’s unique purpose and talent.

  • Long Term Evaluation Of Core Process

    Follow up interviews show the benefits of core process to individuals. People also give their thoughts on potential benefits to individuals and organisations.

  • Personal Development Workshops

    Look here for information about personal development workshops that use Core Process and other tools

  • Realise Your Potential!

    Core process work will help you know who you are, identify your unique strength and use it enjoyably.

  • Taking Core Process Further _ Core Process 2

    Core Process 2 helps people get clearer about their purpose and how they can deliver it. The article explains the ideas and how to do it.

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