Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a very easy, powerful and positive way to enable change. You start by looking at what works and then build from this.

  • Appreciation In Practice

    It is odd that everyone likes to be and feel appreciated and that it is so rewarding to give, yet there is not much about in organisations and families. I give some thoughts on why this happens and some practical things we can do about it.

  • Appreciations Exercise

    This is a simple way for you to end a workshop. Everyone leaves feeling positive about themselves and has something to treasure, including you.

  • Appreciative Conference Session

    This conference session used appreciative inquiry to help people develop their team working, learning and customer service.

  • Appreciative Inquiry – Overview By Kendy Rossi

    This gives an overview of the key ideas and sources for this positive and effective way of enabling change. Thank you, Kendy.

  • Appreciative Inquiry Commons

    The Appreciative Inquiry Commons web portal at Case Western Reserve University where Ai was first researched.

  • Changing The Conversation About Coronavirus

    Questions that will help our conversations move from despair to hope.

  • Core Process – Appreciating Who You Are

    You tell your story to an interested listener and think about your peak experiences using a simple tool. As a result you learn about your unique talent and what you are on the planet to do. The experience is profound.

  • Could These Simple Ideas Make The World A Happier Place?

    This contains a few radical but positive ideas. The most radical may be that we could love politicians and help them rather than criticising and blaming.

  • Customer Care Workshop

    This workshop helped a team in Local Government to develop their strategy for improving customer care in their Council. They also learned to value each other and how to work well together.

  • Discover Your Purpose: Appreciative Coaching For Transcendence

    This shows a quick and powerful way to help people connect with their positive core. It also gives a spiritual perspective.

  • Eye-Opening Conversations

    Words create worlds. We can have better lives and make a better world by having different conversations.

  • Happiness Exercise

    This describes a very simple way to be happier and to make other people happier.

  • How To Do Core Process

    Step by step instructions about how to do a core process. Core Process is two words that express a person’s unique purpose and talent.

  • How’s Your Love Life? By Jackie Kelm

    Appreciative questions to explore with your partner. They will help you feel and get closer.

  • Intercultural Awareness

    This simple activity helps people appreciate and value their own and others’ cultures. They also discover that they can learn from each other.

  • Loving Politicians

    This short piece proposes that, as we elect politicians to serve us, helping them would be more effective than blaming and criticising them.

  • Root Causes Of Success Of Technology Projects

    The causes of the success of technology projects are “soft”. They are about the management of the project. Still, only 39% of projects succeed.

  • Strategic Relationship Building

    A simple way to build trust and cooperation between people from very different organisations who have to work together.

  • Strategy Development Using Appreciative Inquiry

    This short workshop helped people appreciate the strengths of their organisation, build an attractive shared vision and decide how to achieve it.

  • Strength Building

    This simple exercise can have a profound positive effect on the participant’s confidence in themselves and each other. Joy Knudson describes how she used it to help young mothers grow in self-esteem and mutual trust.

  • What Is Appreciation?

    How you can use appreciation to be an effective manager and influencer.


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