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  • Appreciative Inquiry

    Appreciative Inquiry is a very easy, powerful and positive way to enable change. You start by looking at what works and then build from this.

  • Case examples

    These pages give stories about the work. They describe the present situation, what we did about it and the results.

  • Coconsulting

    Coconsulting is a very simple and powerful way for people to help each other, and learn how to do this effectively.

  • Core Process

    "Core process" is a quick and simple way to discover your personal purpose and unique talent.

  • Developmental books

    These list the books, both fiction and non-fiction, that I recommend to you as a developer of people.

  • Effective Meetings

    Some simple tools and ideas that can transform meetings.

  • Exercises

    You can incorporate these exercises into your training and development events. Think carefully about when to use them and why.

  • Ezines

    The Practical Developmental Ideas Ezines are in subject order.

  • Ezines – by Date

    This free ezine has developmental ideas and tools that I hope you will find useful. If you have developmental issues you would like me to cover, please say so in the feedback box or call me.

  • For Consultants and Trainers

    These ideas are for consultants and trainers that want to develop people or organisations.

  • For Individuals

    These ideas are for individuals who want to develop themselves.

  • For Managers

    These ideas are for managers who wish to develop people.

  • Free E-book on Developing People

    The short e-book gives practical tips on developing people.

  • Free half hour

    This is half of an hour of confidential time to talk, think about and generate ideas about anything at all on Skype or phone.

  • Games

    These are short games and exercises you can use as energisers and for learning.

  • Index

    All the contents of the site are in this Index in alphabetical order.

  • Links and Resources

    I list here links to sites with more developmental ideas and resources.

  • My services

    This shows how the tools and consultancy about listening can help managers and organisations be more effective.

  • Temporary

    This is a placeholder for testing new pages for ths site.

  • Testimonials

    These are comments made by recent users of my services. Click the links for more detail. If you would like to talk to any of the people, please contact me.