Strategy Development using Appreciative Inquiry





Introduction and objectives by the manager. Introduce Nick in his role as facilitator.

Demonstrates project manager’s commitment to the day and to Nick’s role


Explain norms and form of the day. The importance of listening.

So people know what to expect.


Circle; each person says their name, something that is going well and why they care about the future of the organisation.

Creates positive energy, shared motivation encourages people to share values.


In small groups, describe to each other examples or stories that shows the organisation at its best and when they felt proud to be part of it.

Starting from positive examples builds confidence. Personal concrete experience that is shared is a good base to build on.


Vision Building. Building on your present successes. If the organisation were fulfilling all its promise, what would be happening? How would you feel? What would you and others be celebrating? Generate a shared “picture” and a memorable phrase to describe it. Identify the themes that emerge.

This helps a team want to work together to create an attractive and shared dream. The phrase and picture anchors the vision and the experience of creating it in people’s minds.


Use the vision above to create stretching statements that describe what will be happening, around the key themes, in the present tense.

This will help you focus your energy and develop your commitment to work together creatively to achieve the vision



Refreshment and relaxation.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick