Customer Care Workshop

What we plan to do.

Create a positive atmosphere for learning and working together.

Share examples and experiences of excellent customer service.

Create a shared picture of what excellent customer service could be like in your organisation.

Decide what you need to work on to achieve this.

Value the strengths and skills you have to do it.

How we plan to do this.

With everyone’s help we can create a positive climate where we can listen to each other and be safe to express our thoughts and feelings freely about these important issues. The design of the event should provide a clear but flexible structure to make progress on the above. It is an ambitious programme for a morning so we may not be able to cover it all in the depth it deserves. The process will show you how to work on these issues and enjoy it.

We will work as a whole group and in pairs and small groups. I expect the whole morning to be both challenging and enjoyable for all of us. If you want something to be different just say so at the time and I will help if I can.

The Design





Introduction and objectives by Peter. Hand over to Nick as facilitator.

Demonstrates project manager’s commitment to the day and to Nick’s role


Explain norms and form of the day. The importance of listening.

So people know what to expect.


Circle; each person says their name, something that is going well, why this work on customer service is important to them.

Creates positive energy and shared motivation.


Pairs describe to each other an example of excellent customer service in the council that you have experienced. In a group identify any common factors that lead to good customer service.

Starting from positive examples builds confidence. Personal concrete experience that is shared is a good base to build on.



Time to relax and recharge


Vision Building. When customer service is universally excellent as a result of your work, what will be happening? How will you feel? Generate a shared “picture” and a memorable phrase to describe it.

This helps a team want to pull together to achieve an attractive and shared dream. The phrase anchors the vision and the experience of creating it in people’s minds.


Identify what you will need to do to achieve your dream. Priorities!


This will help you focus and ground your energy in concrete tasks. There will probably not be time to work on these tasks today. You can decide how and when you will work on them.


Building your strengths and identifying your resources to tackle these tasks. Do the exercise “Strength Building” in small groups. Share the results in a large group.

This builds individual self-confidence and confidence in each other because you appreciate each others strengths and experiences

1230 (if time)

What do you want from Peter as the leader of the group?

What does he want from you?

This builds the leader/led relationship by enabling open and constructive communication both ways.



The time has run out.

If you would like help using this idea, or have any comments or questions please contact me. Thanks, Nick