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Work goals map

The things you do and think today create the future you live in tomorrow.  A simple mapping tool can help you focus your thinking so you are more likely have work the way you want. The tool is comprehensive in time. It starts with goals for one week and ends with goals for always. It is also comprehensive in context. We do not exist in a vacuum but in relationship with others and our environment. It is possible to succeed on all fronts.

Please change the headings to suit your needs and situation.


This week

This Month

This Year

Five years

Ten years


For me          







For my customers  







For my boss   







For my community 







For my team 







For my department 







For my organisation 







For my society    







For the  world 



This is adapted from a "Life Goals" map by Harvey Jackins in "The Human Situation" 1963.


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Further Information

There are free articles, exercises, designs, book references and links to other sources about many aspects of personal, team, management and organisation development on this website. I will add other resources as I learn what you want.

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