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Time Diary

Keeping a Time Diary


No one can manage time. We all manage the way we use time. The "Time Diary" helps people become more aware of how they use time. Then we can decide to change the way we use time if we wish. This may lead to more effectiveness, less stress and more job satisfaction too!


The format below has worked well in the past. You need not go into minute detail. This will take too long. You will get lots of benefits by considering chunks of work and the time they take. I give an example below. I recommend you keep up the diary for a week to get the most out of it.

Afterwards, you can judge if you are using time in the right way for you.


What I did

Why I did it

Benefits to me and the organisation


Wrote time diary note

To help Terry with time issues

Enhancing my value to the company

Developing a useful tool

Helping Terry immediately



 Hungry and needed a rest

 Able to work better afterwards




etc etc etc



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