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Chief Operating Officer - Utility Company

Working with Nick has been an eye-opener: not only is Nick capable of helping to identify key inner 'blockers' through his wide range of tools, but he is able to do so in a non-aggressive, open and insightful way.

As COO of a large and complex business, I welcome my time with Nick, as his guidance is practical and has enable me to implement my newly acquired "insights" almost immediately. Nick offers you a choice of methods, from which you can select the one that fits you best personally to solve your particular issues.

It's been a real breakthrough to work with Nick.

Miriam Maes, Chief Operating Officer, EDF Energy


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I am entirely happy for you to use or draw on any these materials in any way you think will be helpful. I am keen to have my work, and the work of the people I have learned from, used.  


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There are free articles, exercises, designs, book references and links to other sources about many aspects of personal, team, management and organisation development on this website. I will add other resources as I learn what you want.

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