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Influencing Skills Training

All jobs in organisations require you to influence others. You may require information, time or for another person or group to do something. Technical competence is not enough.

Effective people are good at: 

  • Tuning in to others and gaining their trust 
  • Finding out their needs
  • Making proposals that people want to say "Yes" to
  • Being flexible in their response to others' concerns but reaching clear agreements
  • Concentrating on the others' needs and concerns first, without  losing  sight of their own
  • Not making premature judgements about people and situations 

People learn the above by practising influencing skills in a small group on real situations that they choose. They also learn listening skills and techniques and models about managing organisational change. 

Participants report improvements in: 

  • Influencing upwards to get support for projects 
  • Motivating a team
  • Getting close to customers
  • Gaining co-operation from peers (who may be busy)
  • Building links between departments 

Quotes from two participants 

The course was entirely successful in achieving its aim. The experience was profound, highly educational and entertaining. Above all it was good fun. 

The tutor was empathic, very positive, encouraging and most important, human. He took a personal interest in attendees and tailored the course to their needs. This was most impressive.


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