Tools and consultancy to help people listen to each other and work together better
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Team Building using Lego is quick and effective. Click here for full instructions.
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I want to help create the better world we all hope for. That is why I've published all my work. Please use the ideas and tools to make your world better.

The site has more than two hundred free articles and resources to develop people and organisations. They are the product of thirty years work as a facilitator of change, organisation development and communication. 

They are in groups for consultants and trainers, individuals and managers, or you can click any of the links in red on the left.

You can use me as your guide.

You are very welcome to use the resources yourself. You will make more progress, more rapidly, with my help. Please call 01707 886553 or contact me for an initial chat.

Recent quote from a client

"Nick's unique talents lie in his ability to create a wonderfully calm and safe space where he listens and gently encourages whilst allowing the recipient to think and express themselves fully.  His lifetime's work and experiences have created in him a perceptive, insightful and caring mentor." Lynne Edwards

My approach

I use a blend of close and caring personal support, challenging and stretching questions, and lots of ideas as well. I work with you on the issues you find important.

Free half hour

Would you like a free half hour on Skype or phone? Click this link to set one up. For any subsequent sessions, pay me what you like based on the value you get.


Here is a two-minute video about my work and the value of getting "A good listening to".


I have done some research on "The root causes of success of technology projects". If you click on the link and send the email, I will send it to you.

I also have some notes "A handful of challenging ideas to help your organisation break through to the next level". Just click on the link and send the email and I will send it to you.

If you would like a copy of my ebook of hints on Developing People, please click the link and send the email and I'll get it to you.


Please call 01707 886553 or +44 7879 86152 or click contact me or Skype nickheap if you would like to have a chat.

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